Digital Revolution Impact On Real Estate Market!

The real estate sector when compared to industries such as finance, healthcare and retail has been relatively slower to adopt any kind of digital technologies. The COVID pandemic has however been a game-changer and people who were earlier using traditional property dealing practices have now adapted to the digital transformation which has hit this sector. Real estate consultants are now using emerging innovations such as providing virtual tours of properties, allowing customers to make automated transactions, and the facility to book properties remotely, to transform how individuals list, buy, and manage properties.

Real estate consultants have realized the importance of going digital in a highly competitive market are now enhancing the way buyers interact with the property whether it is for buying, renting, or selling their properties. Real estate consultancy is in effect redefining the customer’s experience in this sector with the use of technology and making the whole process seamless.

Listed here are some of the top trends in the industry which have impacted the way real estate consultants deal with their customers. Real estate consultancy who has adopted these trends have met with huge success and are reaping in the benefits.

Benefit of Digital Revolution on Real Estate Market!

  1. Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is transforming the way real estate services are being provided. Real estate consultants can cut costs, improve efficiency, and provide improved customer service.

Real estate consultants are getting data driven information, able to provide insights to their customers about different aspects such as pricing, past and current trends, and the potential value of properties in a certain area. With the help of data driven facts real estate consultancy helps you take the right decisions.

Here are a few ways how big data analytics helps:

  • It helps mitigate risk. With the help of data, one can in a more precise manner determine the condition and age of the property and get data on any renovations made on it. The risk factors for buyers and investors can be reduced to a great extent
  • One can price a property with the help of real-time analysis and forecast any fluctuations expected in the future.
  • Real estate consultants can give their clients an enhanced customer experience by collecting data insights from social media and other digital platforms. The risk of selecting the wrong property can be decreased.


  1. Virtual Reality

By using virtual reality to market properties providers of real estate services can help customers get an idea of how the property will look after it is fully constructed. One can visualize what the property will look like both internally and externally.

Viewing properties can not only be an expensive but is also a time-consuming exercise. People can now view properties from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Booking Property Online

One can book a property 24 x 7 by simply going online. Real estate consultants can provide information about digital portals where properties can be reviewed online.

  1. Internet of Things Technology

With the help of internet of things technology developers are now able to provide complete control over the house and better security by connecting computer units which are embedded in objects which are used every day. The house hunting experience is enhanced and leaves the potential buyer with a good experience.

  1. Remote Marketing

Marketing the conventional way with the help of print and outdoor media is to a great extent limited. Real Estate Consultants are aware that people prefer to spend time indoors and hence are using more sophisticated methods to reach out to people who are looking to buy property. Advertising is done through mediums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Some Property Consultancy Firm communicate with the customers via apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp.


To sum up, one would agree that revolution in digital technology is disrupting the real estate sector and those who are adopting this technology are reaping in the benefits. Digital technology improves the house-buying experience and providers of real estate consultancy services can operate efficiently by using digital technology such as automated transactions and virtual tours.