Future of Real Estate Consultant

What does a real estate consultant do you may ask? In simple words, a real estate consultant is a professional who helps his clients with any property related issues.

Looking for a Career in Real Estate Company? Depending on what your interests and educational qualifications are you could venture into areas such as sales, marketing, market research, taxation, accounting etc. If you do not want to work with a commercial real estate company in India, you can even start your own real estate agency where you can get into land property consulting and can help your clients close in on properties of their choice. You can guide them through the entire process of legal formalities, monetary settlement, and purchase.

Wondering how to kickstart your career as a real estate consultant and don’t know how to go about it? Look no further. This comprehensive article has all the details that will help you get you started on your career path. Be it land property consulting or any other real estate role you may be looking for we have all the details for you.

Who is a Real Estate Consultant?

Let’s now understand in more details who a real estate consultant is. Real estate consultants are professionals who help their clients by providing recommendations, expert advice and generally help them in making informed decisions about any real estate transactions they might make. They have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and are able help their clients take guided decisions with regards to their real estate assets be it commercial or residential properties. The sky is the limit as to the kind of real estate related services they can provide – right from conducting a financial analysis of a property and providing land property consulting to assisting with any kind of strategic planning one might need help with while trying to build a real estate portfolio. In short, a real estate consultant helps clients navigate the property market and provides insights of the market trends. A real estate consultant in India could be working for a real estate company or could be into an independent  real estate consulting.

Eligibility to work as a Real Estate Consultant

Although there are no minimum qualifications one needs to have to qualify as real estate consultant it is important that you are well-prepared before taking a leap into the market. A good knowledge schemes and policies to do with the real estate industry, various legislations that would help you take informed decisions, and an ability to keep your finger on the market pulse are necessary to help you become and efficient consultant.

It is strongly recommended that those aspiring to work with a commercial real estate company in India to go for business management, finance, and tax related courses. One could also consider disciplines such as architecture or civil engineering to get into property consulting. A post-graduate degree would also not go amiss for those looking to work at a global level or in large consultancy firms. You could choose to specialize in one or more of the following areas

  1. Real Estate Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. Tax Advisory
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. Regulatory Challenges
  6. Capital Markets and Investments
  7. Sales and Marketing

Armed with a degree you can either join a commercial real estate company, get into plot property consulting or join a brokerage firm. It is important that you gain work experience as this will help you identify your area of interest.

Here are some responsibilities you may have to handle in the initial years of your career or while interning with a real estate company in India.

  1. Networking to onboard new and potential clients. Understanding all their requirements and handling any queries they may have.
  2. Ensuring that existing clients are provided the best service and the right kind of advise.
  3. Accompanying clients on property visits and giving them a brief on the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investments.
  4. Researching and understanding market trends in the real estate sector.
  5. Connecting with property developers and keeping them informed of current trends with regards to customer requirements and demands.
  6. Facilitating meetings between clients and developers.

Once you have the experience you can continue working with a real estate company. You may even choose to start your own real estate consultancy firm and offer your valuable services. If you are focused, there is a lot of scope for growth, and you will get a good income as well. There is a big boom in the real estate sector today and the opportunities are many so go ahead and make the best of it.

Join a real estate company or get into land property consulting as an independent player.